New Version of my DPD Matlab Library Available

I released a new verison of my DPD library for Matlab yesterday. You can find the source code here. This software can enable you to easily add DPD to any of your Matlab based wireless prototyping. This new version now supports the Generalized Memory Polynomial (GMP). This is a more expressive model than the standard memory polynomial. The extra memory effects captured in this model are especially helpful for signals with larger bandwidth such as what we see in 5G NR.

Working with Python and Matlab

Almost everything I’ve done while at Rice has been in Matlab. It’s very popular in academia, but that’s been threatened by Python for a while with most Data Science applications almost exclusively using it now. The biggest strengths I can think of for Matlab are their toolboxes and the fact that most of the previous code that I’ve written so far was written in Matlab. However, I’m beginning to realize I may not always have access to a Matlab license.