Low-complexity, multi sub-band digital predistortion

The nonlinearities of power amplifiers combined with non-contiguous transmissions found in modern, frequency-agile, wireless standards create undesirable spurious emissions through the nearby spectrum of data carriers. Digital predistortion (DPD) is …

GPU-Based Linearization of MIMO Arrays

In this paper, we present a graphics processing unit (GPU)-based implementation for linearizing the power amplifiers (PAs) in massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) arrays leading to lower error vector magnitude for the users and lower …

Neural-Network DPD via Backpropagation through a Neural-Network Model of the PA

We demonstrate digital predistortion (DPD) using a novel, neural-network (NN) method to combat the nonlinearities in power amplifiers (PAs), which limit the power efficiency of mobile devices, increase the error vector magnitude, and cause inadequate …

Design and Implementation of a Neural Network Based Predistorter for Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Digital predistortion is the process of using digital signal processing to correct nonlinearities caused by the analog RF front-end of a wireless transmitter. These nonlinearities contribute to adjacent channel leakage, degrade the error vector …

New Version of my DPD Matlab Library Available

I released a new version of my DPD library for Matlab yesterday. You can find the source code here. This software can enable you to easily add DPD to any of your Matlab based wireless prototyping.

Two Papers Accepted for Asilomar 2019

The two papers I was involved with and submitted to Asilomar this year were accepted. The first paper is “Neural Network DPD via Backpropagation through a Neural Network Model of the PA.

New Preprint Available. Neural Networks are taking over DPD!

I have a new preprint available for my submission to the 2019 IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems in Nanjing, China. The paper is titled “Design and Implementation of a Neural Network Based Predistorter for Enhanced Mobile Broadband” and is available here.

2019 ECE Affiliates Day

The ECE Corporate Affiliates Day was recently on March 29th. I was involved in two research posters. 1st was the neural network based DPD that I am working on with our VIP team.

DPD shoutout at FOSDEM 2019

One of my papers from 2017 was given a shoutout by Derek Kozel in February 2019 at the FOSDEM conference. The talk is shown is an overview of DPD and is on YouTube here.

Application-specific accelerators for communications

For computation-intensive digital signal processing algorithms, complexity is exceeding the processing capabilities of general-purpose digital signal processors (DSPs). In some of these applications, DSP hardware accelerators have been widely used to …