Two Papers Accepted for Asilomar 2019

The two papers I was involved with and submitted to Asilomar this year were accepted. The first paper is “Neural Network DPD via Backpropagation through a Neural Network Model of the PA.” This work is the foundation of the idea which I expanded on for my SIPS submission. In this paper, we propose performing digital predistortion by modeling the PA as a neural network (NN). We can then backpropagate through the PA NN model to train a NN for performing the DPD. My coauthors are Liwen Jiang and Aryan Sefidi, rising senior undergrad students at Rice. These undergraduates worked with me in the verically integrated projects group to develop the experiments that will appear in the paper.

The second paper is “Design Trade-offs for Decentralized Baseband Processing in Massive MU-MIMO Systems.” The primary author of this paper is Kaipeng Li. This paper expands upon the work he did in his Ph.D. thesis.

Chance Tarver
Chance Tarver
PhD Candidate
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