OAI Tutorial

This is a tutorial for setting up my current OAI testbed. OpenAirInterface is a completely opensource software-based LTE and 5G NR framework.


This tutorial is split into two pages: the core network installation and the eNB installation. This page serves as an overview showing how I am connecting the two.

Hardware Used

In my setup, I am using three laptops. Two are acting as eNBs while the third is acting as the core network. I have all of these machines connected to a router. I prefer to do this so that I have better control over the network.

  • 3 Computers running Ubuntu 16.04. We have ThinkPad P50s.
  • 2 USRP B210s. Maybe a 3rd if you want 2 eNBs and a UE.
  • A COTS, android phone. Doesn’t really matter what (I think. I’m using a Nexus 5X and Pixel 1). Being rooted may be helpful for debugging since you can get extra info from the phone using something like MobileInsight.
  • Sim cards and sim card programmer.
  • A router. I like to do all my experiments on their own network. It gives me more control over IP addresses.

Overall Network Guide.

Each computer gets assigned a 192.168.1.x IP address by my router. The core network runs a virtual machine containing multiple network interfaces bridged to the network via the host interface. Below is a diagram of this:

OAI Network Setup